I grew up on the banks of the Ohio River in West Virginia, where my parents were special education teachers in a small, rural county. My parents along with my friends’ parents – the EMTs, miners and plant workers in our community – showed me what hard work looked like.

When I went to Marshall University, I decided that I wanted to spend my life making the lives of everyday Americans easier. I majored in political science and sought an internship within the West Virginia Legislature. I was the only student to apply and to be accepted for every level of the legislative internship program in the WV State Senate and for those in Secretary of State Joe Manchin’s office. Throughout my college career, I continued to work in the legislature and learned the art of compromise, how to make the system work for its citizens, and how to do right by the people you represent.



Upon graduating college, I decided I wanted a change of pace and moved to Mullins, South Carolina, to teach at a Title I school. In a small, rustic former farming community at Mullins High School, I learned how to become a teacher by going through the PACE program and earned my teaching certificate. However, during the summer I waited tables in Myrtle Beach and taught night classes at branch campuses for Coker College to ensure I had enough money to make ends meet and pay off my student loans.

Since moving to Beaufort over eight years ago, I have fallen in love with the area and its people. Currently, I am a teacher at May River High School and the advisor who started the Youth in Government, Model United Nations, Academic World Quest, and Daily Fin student broadcast programs. However, to me that is not enough.

As I have helped the students in my classroom reach their full potential, I want to make sure the place they call home is doing the same. That’s why I’m running for the South Carolina State Senate District 46 seat, serving Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head Island, and parts of Jasper County. I am here to listen and earn your vote.


Nathan Campbell