I have actually made “making a political logo” as an assignment in my Youth in Government course for years.  Now I have to assign that same assignment to myself.  Finding the humor in it, I went along with the parameters of the assignment.

#1 Use images from your state, area, poltical party, favorite colors, or images of importance and design a logo that you can justify in order to get elected for the office you are running for.

#2 Explain why you designed the logo the way you have showing the importance of your value to the district and good for your campaign.

Here is my answer…

In running for South Carolina State Senate District 46, a large portion is made up of Beaufort County.  Especially the three towns of Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head Island.  There are 3 pieces of land on the logo symbolizing these three towns.

You will notice that the river winding through the logo.  We have many rivers that allow us to live in a beautiful area but these waters help our area economically.

The colors were chosen for a specific reason.  If our area choses a new leader for this senate seat in myself, it will change the balance of power and instantly allow our district to become a leader in policy.  You will notice the setting sun (red) fading into a blue sky is my way of explaining this.  It allows us to start a new day here in the lowcountry and help lead our state move forward.

 Grade my answer in the comments…